The top 5 Tech Valentine’s Gifts to get for your geeky partner

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Yes it is end of January and valentine fever is already striking the world with the confusion of buying best gift for their partner. Search engines are going to tremble with searches like “Best valentine gift for my valentine”.  Are you one among the person who can never satisfy your valentine with any cute cuddly gifts? Are you the one having a valentine who is not interested in biggy teddy bear or a pinky heart-in cushion? Are you the couples who both are nerdy and love to spend your valentine’s day in a cafeteria at NASA? Are you searching for a tech gift to surprise your valentine this year? Then you have come to the right place.

From launching 104 satellites from a single rocket, to monitoring a pet in your home from wherever you are, technology has developed widely and drastically in the past decade. The development not only stopped with rockets, but also in gifts. Make sure you play safe and read the Harakamasria blog to help with that. Here are the lists of five best tech gifts you can give your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.

The stylus pencil (175$)

Having a partner who is a digital artist? Who is never tired of drawing and scribbling? Then this is the best gift you can buy for them. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and number of iPhone apps, the stylus pencil from fifty three stands 1st in the list of tech pencils (even better than apple’s very own stylus). Available in two color variants, Walnut and Aluminum, Stylus can do wonders when combined with your artistic knowledge. With advancement in Palm rejection technology, you can draw, write, scribble, smudge and even erase using the stylus pencil and it designed the same way as a wooden pencil.

Love meter tee-shirts (25$)

There is nothing greater than you and your valentine walking down on the beach in a same tee. But that seems a little boring right? So the techie tech nerds have added the advancement in technology even in those tee-shirts. The love meter in the chest of the t-shirt will glow if your partner is nearby. Yeah, you heard it right. What is more interesting is that it glows even more and the meter starts to fill up when your partner gets as much close as possible. What else is going to make this valentine greater other than this gift.

BB-8 star wars droid (224$)

Are you searching for a gift to give your valentine who is a star war fan? Who would never miss a star war collectible to showcase in his hallway? Then he would have surely missed this one and you are going to be the one to help him fulfill his desire. Yes, this gift certainly is amazing if you never will miss any episode on any season of star wars. This tech droid is a representation of anabolic robot in star wars. You can sync your Smartphone with this droid and take it anywhere with you. The droid will give lots of expressions pre-programmed and even respond to your voice commands. It has adaptive personality programming, which changes as you play with it daily. It is more like an electronic pet, which comes as a robot in star wars and it was a double bonus right?

The Huawei watch 2 (280$)

Is your valentine was a gadget lover and spends most of their time with their own gadgets rather than you.  Then it’s time to get him a lovable gadget which would remain him about you all the time. Introducing Huawei Watch 2, a generic tech gadget from Huawei which syncs both with iOS and Android, which is great news for techies who are having both devices. But what makes Huawei Watch 2, stands in top is that they provide sturdy built in quality and great user friendly software interface. Powered by Snapdragon 2100 chipset, 420mah battery and Android wear 2.0, you can call, message, and even use Google voice command and study your fitness data. One great thing is, you can track the location of this gadget from anywhere around the world. Sounds great right? You can spy on your valentine without even him knowing.

Fitbark pet tracker (70$)

Having a pet which you love more than your valentine? Or are you the person who doesn’t trust in love from humans but from your pets? You guys surely are not rejected from the celebration of this great day. You can buy this amazing gift for your petThe Fitbark Pet Tracker, from Fitbark, allows you to track the health and location of your lovable dog. You can monitor your dog, and get explained in the change of behavior and even compare with similar dogs. You can set the right health goals for your dog and even sync your FitBit band with this device while taking a morning jog with your pet.

That’s it guys. Hope you have got what you were searching for. Share your love on this Valentine’s Day with these great tech gifts.

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Pros and Cons to using

No Comments is a freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace based in Sydney, Australia. Currently, they have more than 22,700,000 registered users, consisting of both employers and freelancers globally. Employers can hire freelancers through their marketplace. Most of the jobs posted are software development, writing, data entry, engineering, sales and marketing, accounting, and legal services.

In this article, you’ll discover the pros and cons of using this platform.

Job Availability


Since there are several outsourcing marketplaces, it is expected to have lots of jobs available for freelancers. One of the selling points of is getting the job done for less cost, so more employers are convinced to post jobs in the site. With the growing number of employers continually signing up to post new jobs, opportunities should not be a problem for freelancers registered in the site.


While there may be numerous employers on the site, freelancers often struggle to find work because of the growing competition with other freelancers. It is especially more difficult for new freelancers to secure a job because most employers would opt for the more experienced ones since it is hard to gauge a freelancer’s capabilities when all you can do is take their word for it.

It is also apparent that job security is one of the problems of freelancers in the site, and looking for other jobs from other sites is a must if freelancing is your main source of income.

Time Management


For employers, outsourcing gives them the freedom to set meetings with their employees whenever they want. Things are more convenient since they do not have to meet in an office – several communication options are available for them to go through any inquiries, goals, contracts, and evaluations that they may have.

For freelancers, freelancing gives them the ability to work wherever they want, whenever they want. Flexibility in work hours is one of the perks in working as a freelancer. They can either choose to work full time or part time. has a downloadable app that includes Time tracking. Time tracking through the app is mainly used for tracking hourly projects. The app is controlled by the employee, who then can take screenshots of the hours worked as proof to be sent to the employer.


For employers, there’s no other option but to depend on screenshots (for hourly projects). If you would prefer a more reliable reporting tool for time tracking, you will have to look for one yourself.

For freelancers, while they may have control of when they can work, some projects require more time to be accomplished than the set time on the job description. There is a possibility of working for longer hours and sometimes, working more than what you are paid for.



For employers, outsourcing is one way for their business to grow without spending too much. They would not need to pay for the equipment that the employee uses nor rent a space where they can work in. also provides cheaper quotes for most jobs which is beneficial for the employer. Employers may choose to pay employees hourly or at the completion of the project assigned to the employee. Employers have the option to not release the payment for the employee if they are not satisfied with the result.

For freelancers, working online would save them money since they will be working at home. Freelancers have control on how much they want to get paid through their bids. Freelancers can choose to get paid either hourly or through set milestones when working for a job with fixed payment.


Unlike other freelance marketplaces, both the freelancer and the employer are required to spend money.

For employers, in the free version of the platform, they need to pay $3 or 3% of the total project cost, whichever is greater. With the premium version, where they pay $199.95 monthly, there are no project fees.

Also has enhanced ad offers where the employer has to pay extra for enhanced job visibility.

For freelancers, rates range from $3 or 3% to $5 or 5% of the total project cost, whichever is greater. Freelancers also need to pay $199.95 for a premium account if they want to have more bids per month. On the free version, a freelancer has 8 bids per month while the premium version gives them 1,500 bids per month.

Unfortunately, also seems to charge fees for currency conversion, and they also have inactive fees where they automatically charge a freelancer’s account if it goes inactive for a certain amount of time.

An Important Advice

Going through the reviews on, there are several unsatisfied employers and freelancers claiming that they have been scammed or unpaid. So, it’s always best to gather more information and check the job you are bidding for or the person you are planning to hire if you want to make the most of

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About the Google company profile and its services?

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Google Inc is actually a leading and also the top rated American based MNC technology company which is specializing in the internet related products and services. They include online search, cloud computing, online advertising technologies, hardware and software. This company was actually founded in 1998 by the Sergey Brin and Larry Page who were the PhD students at the Stanford University, California. These founders in fact own about 14 % of this company shares and over 56 % of shares would be controlled by the stockholders voting power via the supervoting stock.

What is Google for?

The founders of this Google Company actually built it around the major idea which work must be challenging and that challenge has to be fun. The culture and everything of Google Company is not like some other corporate companies in America thus still Google has been unique from others. When it comes to the users of the Google, it puts them to their online services. At the same time, this company puts its employees to the daily life in the Googolplex headquarters.

There are excellent teams of experts existing in this company and they are the main reasons to get the greater achievements in the industry. At the same time, they are also the company’s pride in the individual accomplishments which contribute to the overall success of the Google. They are always coming with the new ideas which can be incorporated in the business for reaching the new achievements.

Why Google searching is so popular?

  • When almost all the internet users would like to search anything on the internet, they will first come to the
  • Over 150 millions of internet searchers have been done only through the Google website or search engine on the daily basis.
  • As Google has been providing the instant and the most reliable search results, it has the widest audiences all over the world than some other search engines which are all currently online.
  • The Company is not only surviving over the internet but it also makes more profits through its search services and different internet products.
  • As it is the award winning search engine, the developers of this Google Inc Company are feeling proud at all.

Most of the people don’t know that how this leading search engine got the name Google. It was actually derived from the popular mathematical term which is known as googol coined by the successful American mathematician who is Milton Sirotta for representing a number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Thus, a Google or Googol is actually representing the very larger number reflecting the mission of the company to provide the immense amount of information available on the WWW (World Wide Web).

Evolving culture of the Google Company:

Even though the Google Inc Company grew rapidly, it is still maintaining a feel of small company. The Googolplex actually helped developing the overall atmosphere of the collegiality and also the innovation with its lava lamps, exercise balls, grand pianos, workout room and also the visiting dogs. At the same time, it has been setup the most sophisticated computer equipment which was originally set up on the wooden doors that are supported by the sawhorses.

The rapid growth of the company has been providing the chain of acquisitions, products and as well as the partnerships beyond the core Search engine of the Google Search. This company is not only providing the search engine over the internet but it also offers the different ranges of services designed for the work & productivity and they include Google Sheets, Docs and Slides, Scheduling, Gmail, Google Calendar for time management, Social networking which is Google+, Cloud Storage which is Google Drive and etc.

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